feature_sessionPlayback Try Fare in your area with a live offer from a great restaurant. By “Claiming an Offer” you are reserving an exclusive live offer made by the restaurant to come try them out. These offers are typically FREE, limited in number, and valid same-day only.

A quick and free registration is required to claim an offer. Restaurants will be aware of your Claim and will be expecting you. Offers are redeemed by showing your waiter the mobile Claim screen with the registered email.

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Restaurant OwnerFor restaurant owners submitting a listing is super simple. Claim your existing directory listing or submit a new one to take advantage of hungry visitors looking for new and unique culinary experiences. Add a few photos or even a video to your listing to make it stand out. Then add Exclusive Offers to fill seats at your restaurant today. This newly targeted Live Offer strategy makes marketing to new patrons a breeze. Everyone likes a fair deal!

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