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The Top 10 coffee Shops Tampa adores is an easy article to write since I adore coffee, too.  I love espresso, latte, machiatto, cafe au latte, cafe americano, cappuccino, mocha, doppio, long black and coffee.   There are dozens of ways to consume this precious black brew.  Wars have been fought over it.  Days are improved by it and work shifts are shortened by it.  Coffee is polarizing – people either love it or not (although, people usually love it).   Tampa Bay seems to be a “brewing ground” for coffee shops as local shops have cropped up everywhere.  We have local coffee importers, coffee roasters and coffee brands.

Coffee Shops Tampa Wakes Up To:

Buddy Brew at Oxford Exchange

Buddy Brew is the brand name of the coffee that oxford exchange serves.  The Oxford Exchange is a fantabulous restaurant that has its finger on the pulse of what is trendy and exciting in the restaurant world.  Oxford House serves coffee to die for, and the decor is just as good.  The Oxford Exchange has breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktail menus.  If there is anything in you that craves class – this is the place.

40 West Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa, Fl 33806
(813) 253-0222

El Molino

The El Molino has been in Ybor, brewing their family coffee – selling it to friends and lovers of coffee with pleasure, since 1921.  They also give tours on how the coffee roasting process works; then you are able to buy some of the black gold yourself.  El Molino brews its coffee daily.  They also provide all the accouterment you need to brew your own cup of El Molino at home with: espresso machines, coffee grinders and demitasse sets.  One stop shop.

2012 E 7th Ave
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 248-2714

french press Coffee Shops Tampa


Kahwa Coffee is an amazing coffee brewer.  My favorite coffee they brew is their Sorrocco, which makes great french press coffee.  Kahwa roasts their own coffee under the Kahwa name.   They now have four coffee shops Tampa can visit.  Their coffee has a unique smooth low acid flavor that lends itself  very well to milk and sugar.  I will pick a Kahwa over Starbucks any day of the week.

204 2nd Ave S, St
Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 821-1942

El Parisoio

The Parisoio is the mom and pop of the list.  This cafe is understated but gives you so much for your money that value is there.  The talk around town is that they have the best cafe con leche of all the coffee shops Tampa contains.   Another claim to fame is their egg, cheese and chorizo sandwich. It makes me think that cafe with an egg, cheese and chorizo sandwich sounds like the best way to start any day of the week.  They claim they have the best cuban food in Tampa; which is probably true because my friend, Miriella, lives and cooks in St Pete.

4112 East 7th Ave
Ybor, Fl
(813) 247-3287

Brew D Licious

No Name Java is roasted in St. Pete and sold all over the area.   Brew D Licious is the shop that sells No Name Java, and they do it well.  I have had their coffee iced and it was amazing.  It was very smooth.  No acid.  Truth is I am a tea drinker, so if I give a coffee a thumbs up you know it is good coffee.  I give Brew D Licious a thumbs up.

667 Central Ave
St Pete, FL 33701
(727) 741-2249

Indian Shores Coffee Co.

Indian Shores Coffee Co. is the coffee shop on the beach.  I pass it many a day as I cycle down the Indian Shores Beach on my way to Clearwater beach.  Indian Shoes seres up some tasty coffee and are know for having great sides like muffins or cookies.  Next time you are at the beach and need a big cup o’ joe, you know where to stop.

19221 Gulf Blvd
Indian Shores, Fl 33785
(727) 593-1707

Ohana Cafe

The Ohana Cafe has a motto.  “Good times, great grinds, Taste the Aloha.”  They mean it.  They serve coffee and desserts as well as dinner – every Friday night there are hula dancers, reservations recommended.  Their menu for food is full of health conscience recipes like Oatmeal Pancakes, popovers and veggie omelets with dinner serving up salads, tacos and other hawaiian faire.  This is a unique experience got to try it.

306 Orange Street North
Palm Harbor, Fl 34683
(727) 787-1234

La Mouton Noir

La Mouton Noir is not a coffee house but a bakehouse.  That means they have amazing breads, cookies, muffins and lunches to go along with the coffee.  The decor is amazing and the menu is even better.  Le Mouton Noir is worth the visit.  I suggest the brioche and a cafe au lait.

1112 Channelside Drive
Tampa, FL
(813) 226-8833m

Moxie’s Cafe

Moxie’s has an incredible menu.  They have everything from breakfast sandwiches, to downtown favorites, to a Taste of Italy WITH coffee!!!  My favorite part of the menu is the Peanut Butter Specials – like the Elvis or the Cookie Dough Explosion.  As for coffee they serve mocha, caramel, cafe mocha, cafe latte, americano, espresso, and the list goes on and on.

514 N Tampa Street
Tampa, FL
(813) 221-4510

Cafe Hey

Cafe Hey is a true coffee house with coffee in every possible way that you could ever want it.  Their special suggestions menu has drinks like Monk’s dream, which is amaretto and cherry.  The Angel Kiss, which is white chocolate with raspberry  – and the Red Hot Latte that is cinnamon chili and chocolate.  I have not even started with their food menu.  Actually, I cannot add their food menu because they serve anything you can imagine as well – they serve it well.  By the way, they have the Best of the Bay 2009.  Way to go.

1540 N. Franklin Avenue
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 221-5150

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